Geneva Capital offers a full range of financing products to meet your needs. Whether you require one of our standard offerings or a customized program, Geneva will provide a financing solution that works for you & your business. The following are some of the services we offer:

• $1.00 Purchase Option Leases.
• Start-Up Leases.
• Deferred Payment Leases.
• Technology Leases.
• Skip Payment Leases.
• Equipment Protection Plans.
• Discount Programs for Repeat Customers.
• Property Tax Services.
• Equipment Finance Agreements.

Business owners rely on equipment every day to operate & grow their businesses. Most often, customers who are looking to purchase equipment seek financing from one of two sources - traditional bank financing programs or specialized leasing companies. The following are four key differences to consider when comparing these programs:

Impact on Additional Financing
When a business finances with Geneva Capital, we file a UCC letting the Secretary of State know where the customer is located & that the equipment is owned by the leasing company. We designate only the new equipment as collateral. Other lenders will see that only the leased equipment is under consideration & will still be willing to work with you. In comparison, under a traditional bank loan, all property is stated...the new equipment plus your entire business. With this blanket UCC in place, other banks will not be willing to provide overlapping financing to you.

Access to Capital
Banks have a lending threshold with each borrower. If you get into an amount of debt that the bank deems a risk, they may choose to end business with you or refuse you financing. Leasing companies also deal with this, but only consider the equipment finances for that customer. By using Geneva Capital, you can retain access to capital with your bank without tying up credit lines.

Interest Rate Fluctuations
Banks are not in the business of taking excessive risks; their programs are subject to change as economic conditions falter. As the Federal Reserve raises or lowers the Prime Rate, interest rates will increase or decrease, impacting your business outside of your control. The opposite is true for leasing companies...they take 100% of the interest rate risk! Therefore, the payment on your lease will never change during its term, regardless of interest rates & inflation.

Flexibility of Terms
Most banks require 10-20% down to finance business equipment with a requirement of security...the primary concern of a bank is to protect its interests. A leasing company's main goal is to generate cash flow. Therefore, leasing companies are highly creative in finding the easiest way for a business to get new equipment. At Geneva Capital, we offer several custom terms to fit the needs of our individual customers.